Fixed Curve Transseptal Sheaths

Product Features

Braided steel core imparts excellent torqueability

Lubricious coating inside and out

Dual distal holes

Tapered dilator and tip geometry enhance tissue crossing

Snap-fit dilator locks in place

Radiopaque sheath and dilator enable in situ visualization

Soft, atraumatic tip

Embedded platinum marker

Works in unison with the HeartSpan Transseptal Needle

HeartSpan Fixed Curve Kit { (1) Braided Transseptal
(1) Dilator
(1) J-tipped Guide wire
Part Number French Size Length Curve

FCL-160-00 8.5F 60 cm 15° Curve
FCL-160-01 8.5F 60 cm 30° Curve
FCL-160-02 8.5F 60 cm 55° Curve
FCL-160-03 8.5F 60 cm 120° Curve (short)
FCL-160-04 8.5F 60 cm 120° Curve (long)
FCL-160-05 8.5F 60 cm 150° Curve
FCL-160-06 8.5F 79.4 cm 15° Curve
FCL-160-07 8.5F 79.4 cm 55° Curve
FCL-160-08 8.5F 79.4 cm 90° Curve
FCL-160-09 8.5F 79.4 cm 120° Curve (long)
FCL-160-10 8.5F 101.5 cm 55° Curve




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